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Our handmade natural soaps are made using only the best ingredients. They are gentle to use and smell terrific. Made with lovely Cocoa Butter, Hemp Oil or just plain Vegetable Glycerine these soaps are soft and bubbly to use and don't leave your skin dry. Essential oils or top quality fragrant oils are used to boost the aromatic qualities of these soaps. Only the best will do with these handmade soaps. Please specify if you would prefer Cocoa Butter or Hemp soaps.


Shire soap

Shire Horse 140g $6.00

Beautiful soap coloured with natural green plant colouring, with a dash of gold mica and a big smell of Lemon Myrtle. Celebrate the very rare Shire Horse with these unique soaps.




Tree Spirit 130g $6.00

In medieval times, it was believed by some, that trees contained good and powerful spirits. Before entering the forests, hunters would knock on the trees to awaken the tree spirits for protection. Hence the phrase "Knock on Wood". Fragranced with Tea Tree and Lemongrass to give a wonderful this terrific soap while Gold Mica is used to highlight the design.



Butterfly Image to come shortly.

Butterfly 60g $4.00

These lovely butterflies will add a smile to your loved ones face when they receive them. They hold their shape well when in use. Lavendar essential oil is used in these soaps to give that relaxing fragrance.




Indulgence 100g $5.00

This soap smells so good you don't know whether drink it or eat it. Chocolate and Vanilla Fragrance with real Coffee.




Creamy Chocolate 100g $5.00

Rich creamy chocolate, will leave you lingering in the shower every time.Chocolate fragrance smells so good with this soap.




Dark Musk 100g $5.00

Bring back memories of youth when all good things were Musk. This lovely black and mauve soap is a delight to use each day with its fresh Musk Fragrance.



Bali Dreaming 100g. $5.00

Just right for those dreamy summer holidays by the beach or in the rain forest. The warm smell of Incense will remind you of your youth or that great trip to Bali. Dragons Blood Fragrance will have you drawn back to your youth.




Batik Gold 100g. $5.00

Covered in shimmering Gold Mica this soap has the warm fruity scent of Cucumber Melon fragrance. A beautifully detailed soap which reminds you of your tropical holidays.




Relaxing Lady 70g $4.00

Oh so nice, what a great fragrance, this lovely soap will inspire the busy lady to take an extra few minutes in the bath. Sit back, relax and enjoy the quiet of a long soaking in the bath. Cucumber Melon Fragrance




Lemon Myrtle 100g $5.00

If you are not awake before you hit the shower in the morning you will be once you start using this soap. The wonderful aroma of Lemon Myrtle will awaken your senses.




Rainbow 100g $5.00

Oh yummy! You could almost try and eat this soap. The licorice fragrance is so unexpected. A colourful fun soap for those whimsical days when you want to have fun.




Spearmint Loofah 120g $5.50

Fresh and invigorating is all I can say about this bar of soap. The loofah exfoliates gently while you shower or bath and the fresh Spearmint Essential Oil will invigorate your mind.




Lavender Swirl 100g $5.00

One for the Lavender lovers here. A great smelling soap with an unusual style.




Tea Tree & Lemongrass 100g $5.00

No explanation needed. This pick me up soap speaks for itself. This soap comes in either clear or opaque as shown. Tea Tree & Lemongrass Essential Oil



Zuni Image coming soon

Zuni Warrior 130g $5.50

Inspired by the Zuni bear fetish, which represents strength, introspection, and spiritual journey though life. Coffee Caramel Cream fragrant oil give this soap a strong boost of fragrance, bringing it to life.



Celtic Lace Image coming soon

Celtic Lace 115g $5.00

An easy to use, intricate Celtic soap for those who like decrative soaps. Sandalwood and Vanilla fragrant oils drift you back in time to capture the romance of the Celtic mystery.




Celtic Round 120g $5.50

Lovely fresh Tangerine, what more is there to say! I can make this particular soap as a "soap on a rope". This is handy for people who have limited use of their hands and still want a nice soap.




Celtic Rectangle 140g $6.00

This is a nice soap to hold, it fits well into the hand. I can make this particular soap as a "soap on a rope". This is handy for people who have limited use of their hands. Sandalwood Fragrance make it attractive to the fella's who want a man's soap.




Mauve Ripple 100g $5.00

Looks like the bottom of the ocean with a great Lavender Fragrance. Nice soap which evolves as you use it to display the different layers.




Valentine Heart 60g $4.00

Yes she will be your Valentine if you give her this soap. The refreshing Cucumber Melon Fragrance is a delightful surprise.




Dragonfly 40g $3.00

This dreamy fragrance is almost like incense. A purely relaxing fragrance to leave for your guests. Dragons Blood Fragrance adds to the mystery of these great guest soaps.




Frangipani 40g $3.00

The fresh smell of Vanilla will highlight your bathroom when your guests find themselves using this soap. Perfect size for the hand basin.




Chocolate Flower 40g $3.00

Yum Yum! Chocolate anyone? I bet your guests will save this lovely soap to take home when they leave.



hearts small

Small Hearts bag of 5 mixed colours 50g $3.00

Mixed Fragrances This is great for kids, they are the perfect size for their little hands.


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